SuVi Tour was initiated by the Finnish and Estonian ITF Senior Tour tournament organizers in order to commemorate the 100 years independence of Finland 2017 and Estonia 2018.

                                      Special thanks to the SST Suomen Senioritennis ry - Finnish Senior Tennis for the support.

SuVi Tour is a series of 4 individual ITF Seniors´ Tour tournaments aiming to

Encourage more tennis players to participate in several ITF Senior tournaments in the Baltic region

Strengthen the co-operation between Finland, Estonia and the Baltic Sea countries

The tour took it´s first steps in summer 2017. Sofar the following 4 ITF Seniors Circuit events in Finland and Estonia are included in “SuVi Tour” in 2018.

Pärnu 14-17. June 2018
Helsinki 24-29. July 2018
Hanko 30.7.-5. August 2018
Tallinn 16-19. August 2018

Helsinki and Tallinn represent the capitals while Pärnu and Hanko are the “summer capitals” of the two neighboring countries.

The name “SuVi Tour” comes from “SUOMI” and “VIRO” ( Finland and Estonia in Finnish language, “SUVI” also means “summer” in Estonian language). English translation of “SuVi Tour” is “FinEst Tour”.